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Maiya’s Cafe and Restaurant
Contemporary eating with Cambodian charm.

Maiya's Cafe Siem Reap Cambodia

Enjoy drinks on our lucch tropical patio alfresco or inside in the cool of our air-conditioned cafe and restaurant.

Our family is growing and expanding. Our passion for travel and good food has led to the creation of Maiya’s Cafe.

We are a family run cafe passionate about offering our guests great food, quality coffee, lodging and expert tour services from our years in the industry. The Cafe is named after our youngest daughter.

Siem Reap is our home. We want travelers to love our town as much as we do and we believe that travel and food go hand-in-hand. We created Maiya’s Cafe so our guests can eat and travel well.

Stop in on your way or way to the incredible temples of the Angkor Archaeological Park. Just tell your driver to take Street 30 (30 Road) or call us for directions. Join us for breakfast, lunch or dinner. How about a nice ice cold frappe or latte for those sunny and hot Cambodian days? It gets hot here, the temple complexes are massive.  A delicious meal or drink will keep your energy up to explore our incredible sites.

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Easy to find on your way to the Park. Ask your driver to take the 30 Road entrance to Angkor or simply get your driver to call 096 218 9993. Our friendly Cambodian family will provide your driver with directions. Stop in for breakfast, lunch, dinner, coffee, tea, fresh juice, hot and ice cold drinks.  A nice coffee on the way to the temples? Healthy and hearty lunch break from the temples? Visit us at Maiya’s Cafe.

Excellent coffee is a must at our cafe. We use high quality sourced beans from neighboring Laos roasted by a local coffee master so our barista can make delicious hot and iced coffees.

We also offer clean and comfortable hotel lodgings and expert tour advice from years of experience for your next visit to Cambodia.

To travel is to eat, so eat well.

Join us on your next visit to Siem Reap.


Maiya’s Cafe
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