10 Photos That Capture The Essence of Cambodia’s Countryside

10 Photos That Capture The Essence of Cambodia’s Countryside 

Cambodia Siem Reap Angkor tours activities countryside ox

Traditional farming practices continue today in Cambodia. Ox carts are widely used by local farmers to transport their crops.


Sunset Cambodia Siem Reap Angkor tours activities countryside temple

A typical sunset in the Cambodian countryside. Red roads and palm trees in a serene setting  make for an incredible sunset.


Cambodia Siem Reap tours activities countryside moto tours

Big white clouds and blue skies are a common sight when we’re out on tour.

 cow dry season cambodia siem reap

Dry season in Cambodia is just that, dry. After the rice is harvested and the monsoon rains stop, it can go months without any rain.



Cambodian countryside sabai adventures tours

 After heavy rains the earth comes alive. When the rice fields flood, small fish and eel come out of the ground. It’s a very unique ecosystem that provides an important source of food for locals. Here,  a local woman fishes with her hands and a small wooden trap.

 Lotus fields Sabai Adventures tours cambodia

Field of  lotus flowers at sunset. Cambodia has many lotus fields in the countryside. The  plant serves many purposes dating back to ancient times and the Angkor period. It is a sacred flower in ancient scripts, the seeds can be eaten, and the leaves can be used as an organic bag.




cambodia siem reap activities tours water buffalo

Water buffalo are an important part of the farming culture in Cambodia. They are used to pull carts and work the fields. A strong animal that is ideal for the climate and conditions of the country, water buffalo are abundant in the countryside.


rice fieds cambodia

Rice is very important to Cambodians and is eaten at almost every meal. The country is very flat making it an ideal location to grow rice.

local man activities cambodia

The locals in the countryside are very friendly and welcoming to have a chat. That’s why it’s great to have an English speaking guide to translate.

Sabai Adventures Cambodia guide tours

We are Sabai Adventures Cambodia. Join us on one of our adventure tours when you visit Siem Reap, so you too can catch the essence of the beautiful Cambodian countryside.  Sochie (black) our awesome guide explaining the countryside to a guest on a moto tour.


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