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We would be delighted to have you join us in experiencing Cambodia in all it’s wonders. Year round, Cambodia is bustling with exciting events and festivals. It is home to the largest ancient temples in the world. It is also home to amazing animal species, jungles, floating villages, flooded forests, and so much more.

Our team of experts know the country inside and out. With our vast knowledge and experience in Cambodia, we strive to give you a memorable experience. While on tour, our friendly guides share their knowledge of the culture, history and countryside, so that you can gain a better understanding of the real Cambodian way of life.

We want you to love Cambodia as much as we do, so we work hard to create a travel experience that leaves a lasting impression on you when you return home. We have set tours, or we can gladly work with you to custom design a tailor-made itinerary that fits your needs.

Let us ensure you have an unforgettable adventure in Cambodia! For Inquiries or to Arrange a tour, do not hesitate to Contact Us!


Sabai Adventures Cambodia Team

Why choose Sabai Adventures for your next tour?

We are a dedicated and experienced team that work hard to provide authentic tours and honest service. Since the beginning of Sabai Adventures, we have been fortunate to take people from all around the world on tour with us. Through our devotion and commitment, we have built a reputation of trust and honesty. We strive to make all our tours a unique and memorable experience for everyone who comes out with us.


Scott – Founder / Operations Coordinator

A passionate traveler, Scott originates from CAdventures Cambodia Siem Reap activities tours motorbike jeep culture angkor temples guides toursanada. After completing a degree in Economics and Politics, Scott lived in Australia before traveling to Cambodia. Shortly after he returned home to Canada, he joined a team working on a film for a Canadian television broadcaster (CBC), that took him back to Cambodia. During this time, Scott’s passion for the country and it’s people flourished.

Upon returning to Cambodia on a more permanent basis, Scott spent much of his spare time exploring the countryside. He loved the local atmosphere and traditional way of life that is so often lost in modern times. During these expeditions, he wanted to share this experience with others. He decided the best way to do this was to operate moto and  jeep tours. This was the beginning of  Sabai Adventures Cambodia.

Sochie – Tour guide

Born in Siem Reap Province, Sochie is an easy going, friendly tourAdventures Cambodia Siem Reap activities tours motorbike jeep culture angkor temples guides tours guide. He is a hardworking, reliable person with excellent knowledge about Buddhism, Cambodian history and culture.

Sochie spent most of his early life as a monk in a local pagoda. Shortly after finishing his monk service, he began working with Sabai Adventures as a guide.

Sochie’s great attitude, high safety standards and likeable personality make him a valuable asset to the company. If he is not on tour, Sochie is busy working on his IT degree at the University of South East Asia.

Learn more about Sochie and his fascinating story: Cambodian Adventure Guide and Former Monk – An Interview with Sochie

Narin – Tour guide

Narin is from a town called Damdek, which is abosiem reap, cambodia, siem reap motorbike tours,cambodia motorbike tours, things to do in siem reap, floating villages cambodia, visit cambodia, siem reap jeep tours, cambodia jeep tours, jeep cambodia, siem reap tour, tours from siem reap, siem reap day trips, day tours from siem reap, visit siem reap, siem reap half day, kulen mountain, angkor wat, angkor thom, temple guides, cambodia adventure, siem reap activities, tours of angkor wat, angkor wat tours, cambodia temples, bike tour siem reap, siem reap countryside, what to do in siem reap, beantei srei, beng mealea temple, cambodia day tours, where to visit in siem reap, cambodia motorcycle, angkor tours, ut 40 km south of Siem Reap. He was also a monk for many years before finishing his service. Since joining Sabai Adventures he has been a valuable addition to the team.

Narin is very friendly and almost always smiling ear to ear. His love for Cambodia and knowledge of rural culture make him and excellent source to learn more about the country and the people. Narin is a university student in the evening working on his degree in Human Resources. He has achieved a scholarship for his post-secondary education for his aptitude and high grades.

Boung – Tour guide

Born just outside of Phnom Pehn, Boung endured a challenging childhood. OAdventures Cambodia Siem Reap activities tours motorbike jeep culture angkor temples guides toursrphaned at a young age, he was raised by his brother and managed to get himself through school. After graduating and moving to Siem Reap he learned English and Japanese and began working in the hotel sector.  Since becoming a guide, he finds the work much more rewarding as he can share in his country and culture with visitors from around the world.

Boung is a part time guide with Sabai Adventures. His other job is teaching at a local school for underprivileged countryside students. Always friendly, humble and caring, Boung is genuinely passionate to share Cambodia when he’s out on tour.

Sabai Foundation

This Adventures Cambodia Siem Reap activities tours motorbike jeep culture angkor temples guides toursinitiative is created to improve the life in Cambodian communities. Sabai Foundation is a non-profit program with the aim to support areas in education, living standards and employment skills for locals.

Profits from the Sabai Culture Tours are used to purchase supplies for school facilities and support local schools. Our team also volunteer in languages training in helping build stronger foundations for the future of many local people.

Sabai Foundation also established overseas contacts to in Europe, North America and Australia for the purchasing of educational supplies and donations. We are not limited to any single particular cause which allows us the flexibility to  help many rural areas in need.

Recently, we were approached by a Canadian organization to assist in donating wheelchairs to rural villages that were in need.  Photographed is Mitch from the organization, with the help of the Sabai Foundation, we located candidates in rural countryside areas that were in need of the chairs that were donated.

The Multimedia Culture Exchange (MCE) between schools from overseas and Cambodia will create a new form of interactive communication. MCE connects youth of different cultures and will show them what they accomplished with their support and donations. All funds and donations will be documented on film to show where the support is given and the lives it affects.

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Adventures Cambodia Siem Reap activities tours motorbike jeep culture angkor temples guides tours