What makes Sabai Moto Adventures fair-trade business model?

We are structured to provide fair-wages and benefits for all our colleagues. We have collectively pooled our resources and expertise to offer these tours. This unique partnership ensures that all Cambodians receive fair wages.

How do I book a Sabai Moto Adventure?

Simply just book through our online booking form, send us an email or call us to make a booking. Please tell us what tour you would like to take, the date you want to go and the number of people in your group. We will provide you with all the information and make all the necessary arrangements for your tour.

What kind of bikes do you use?

All our bikes are 110cc and 125cc Honda or Suzuki.

Do I have to be an experienced rider to take a tour?

Absolutely not. We take riders of all experience levels. If you have no prior experience riding a motor bike, our guides will be happy to provide lessons prior departing. We want you to feel as comfortable as possible during your tour. Even though our bikes aren’t the large motor bikes, there is still a significant level of risk involved and precautions must be taken. Helmets must be worn at all times and we do our best to avoid busy roads around Siem Reap. Even for the most experienced riders, Cambodian traffic and road rules are often different than those in the West. This is why we start our tours outside the city in less crowded areas.

Do you do dirt biking or off-roading?

We are not a dirt bike tour. For those experienced riders looking for larger motor bikes and more extreme conditions, there are other companies that offer this type of tour in Cambodia. We cater to a wide variety of experiences, from beginners to intermediate riders. We do our best to stick to country roads and avoid busy National roads. Some roads will be sealed, while others will be the red clay roads. We try to take roads in good condition while in the same time going to local areas off the beaten track.

Do you run your tours all year long, rain season and dry season?

Yes we run our tours all year long. Rain season and dry season doesn’t stop us. Rain season you never know what to expect, it might rain or it might not, but we continue on if it does rain. Dry season can get hot and dry at times. Cambodia is a rugged tropical country, but for us, that’s all part of the adventure.

What you’ll see and do?

You will cross through beautiful rice fields and see rural workers hard at work taking care of the fields. The scenery will depend on the time of the year. You will visit ancient temples that are historically significant and in most cases less crowded; you ight be the only one there. You’ll see the real Cambodia that has change little in thousands of years. They are postcard moments all throughout your tour.

Do your guides speak English?

Yes, all our guides speak English.


All payments are to be made in cash prior to the departure.

Release Forms and Insurance

We make safety a top priority. Our staff are experienced and responsible drivers that take safety very serious. We want everyone to have a fun tour, but we also want them to have a safe tour. However, every person partaking in a tour shall sign a release form that states that all customers are responsible for their own well-being while on tour. Any unforseen accident that may occur during the tour is not the responsibility of Sabai Moto Adventures Co. Ltd. The operator does not provide insurance. It is up to the customer to provide their own insurance.



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