Forgotten Treasures – A Great Day Out Exploring Cambodia on Motobikes

Sabai Adventures Cambodia operate guided moto tours into the countryside departing from Siem Reap. The Forgotten Treasures tour is a full day adventure as you make your way through wonderful landscapes en route to an incredible ancient temple, Beng Mealea.

Exploring Beng Mealea temple

As guests venture off the beaten path into the countryside, the Forgotten Treasures tour is a great way to get off the tourist trail and see real culture up close and personal.

Sabai Adventures Cambodia - Photo of the Day

Locals planting rice – Forgotten Treasures tour

The journey passes through rice fields, rural villages, and down red along roads. Along the way, you will meet charming locals going about their daily work. You will also be greeted by wonderfully amicable school children who enthusiastically wave you as you pass along.

Sabai Adventures Cambodia - Moto Tours

Hanging out with friendly and welcoming locals at an ancient temple

In the afternoon, as you make your way back to Siem Reap, there is a tranquil temple you will visit. Much of the history of this temple remains a mystery to scholars. This temple is part of the ancient road system that connects the temples of Angkor with other ancient sites in Cambodia. A good part of the Forgotten Treasures tour is spent driving along this Ancient road. We even pass over one of the original bridges!

Moto tour Cambodian countryside

Moto tour through the awesome Cambodian countryside with Sabai Adventures.

The Forgotten Treasures tour is a unique way of discovering Cambodia away from the crowds. We want you to love Cambodia as much as we do, so we work hard to create a travel experience that leaves a lasting impression on you when you return home.

To learn more or book the Forgotten Treasures tour, please click here. We’d love to hear from you. Safe travels, and see you in Cambodia.


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